Tuning Pegs for Guitar

Getting a guitar to hum the harmonic chords and melodies that you've learned relies on the proper tuning of the instrument, first. Without good tuning pegs, a guitar quickly loses it's great sound because strings begin to lose their pitch as they're strummed. When this happens, the instrument goes flat and often some individual strings will be more out of whack than others leaving for a totally out of whack sound. Luckily, if you've broken or damaged any of your tuning pegs for guitar, there are places to go to pick up replacements.

Getting Better Tuning Pegs

Even in the case that your guitar tuning pegs are all fine and dandy, you may opt to have them upgraded. This may seem like a trivial step when there is so much equipment to adjust the sound of electric guitars including pedals of all kinds: trust that the tone you’ll get out of a new, upgraded tuning peg kit will be worth the investment as much if not moreso than a new pedal. New tuning pegs keep your strings locked into tuned position through harder playing styles and longer hours of banging on the strings. A few places that do offer brand name tuning pegs include but aren’t limited to:

  • Buy.com
  • Musician’s Friend
  • Guitar Center
  • J & R Music and Computers

Depending on your style of playing and your instrument, you may be more inclined to select one set of tuning pegs versus another. There are instrument-specific tuning pegs as well: some guitars are made to use special designs of tuning pegs such as the inline six. These specialty tuning pegs are available though often cost more.

What Better Quality Heads Mean

When you invest in quality heads, you invest in quality tone. The fact that your strings will be easily tuned because of your machineheads being well greased and new is complimented by the fact that even with prolonged or hard playing, your strings will last within the correct pitch for longer than before. Good machineheads maintain your strings’ tonesĀ  respectively even with abrasive playing as in metal or punk. Aesthetically, new tuning pegs can help “jazz” up your instrument, too. Classical tuning peg heads versus fancy ivory-like tuning knobs are readily available for any brand of guitar. More complicated designs exist also that are designed to prevent snags when moving about freely with your instrument.

Machinehead Tuning Pegs Available Now

If you check online at any of the sites listed or at your local music shop, you’ll be sure to find machineheads. The question is, are these machineheads the right kind I need? If you’re an aggressive player and you’re looking for a way to ensure maximum tone, opt for classical style heads that lock tight. If you’re a classical player and you strum gently upon your strings, pearl knob-style heads may be prettier and more professional looking. Regardless of what you need in tuning pegs, there are machineheads available today to fit and improve your exact style of playing.

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