Acoustic Guitar String Pegs

Even after the rise in popularity of electric guitars, there are numerous people who prefer acoustic guitars because of their natural and beautiful sound. They are definitely the stringed instrument of choice when a singer is performing live or in an "unplugged" stage. However, it's imperative to use the acoustic guitar string pegs correctly to tune it to the right key. If you're a beginner, don't be discouraged; at first, it might be quite difficult to get the hang of it. The truth is any stringed instrument needs to be tuned properly, and only practice will allow you to become an expert. The acoustic guitar string pegs are typically made of nickel and gold, and the strings are usually made of steel.

Machine Heads for Your Guitar

Certainly, every part of your acoustic guitar is essential for its proper functioning. However, the machine head is where all the acoustic guitar strings pegs are found. If you were to find anything wrong with it, then you ought to replace if you want to tune your guitar properly. Machine heads are typically made of chrome or nickel, and some of the most common ones are Grover and Sperzel. The music store where you purchased your instrument should also offer acoustic guitar string pegs and machine heads. If this isn't the case, you can always shop on the web. Today, the majority of stores have their own virtual storefront. In some cases, they might even provide special discounts that are available exclusively for online shoppers.           

Will Electric or Acoustic Heads be Different?

Perhaps you have seen how the machine heads can differ from one guitar to the other. Certainly, there are different types of layouts for the acoustic guitar string pegs, but this doesn't depend on the fact that the guitar is electric or acoustic. Moreover, there are basically two types of heads, which are straight and angled. The first type is quite easy to make because they are designed with a flat neck, which in turn can be manufactured with one cut of wood. The second type isn't straight at all, and it's typically made with a certain angle; this angle can go anywhere from 3° to 25°. In addition, it's important to understand that there is a wide variety of signature heads. For example, Ibanez electric guitars have a pointed head, while acoustic Gibson guitars from the fifties had a spade-shaped head.  

Finding Quality Guitar String Pegs for Acoustics

Before you begin your search for acoustic guitar string pegs, it's important that you realize that the easiest way to purchase them is via the web. When using the internet, you will gain access to countless types of pegs; it's a matter of you deciding how much money you are willing to spend. You should also be aware of the exact type of acoustic guitar string pegs that you need. The following is a reference list of a few reputable online music stores:

  • Strings and Beyond
  • All Parts
  • Guitar Center
  • Musician's Friend

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