Guitar Tuner Pegs

When tuning your guitar, it may come almost naturally to reach up to the headstock and begin fluttering around with the guitar tuner pegs. These machine heads are designed to tighten and loosen the string while holding it firmly in place to where it has been tuned. For increased durations between necessary retuning, better guitar tuner pegs can be acquired online or at local music shops. The most frequent reason for picking up a new set of tuner pegs is because of damage. Wear and tear can bend tuning knobs out of place and time without grease can leave gears in the machine heads stuck indefinitely. To understand the importance of good guitar heads, first you should know their purpose.

Heads on Your Guitar – Their Purpose

As stated, the function of a machine head is to tighten or loosen its assigned string as to change the pitch when the string is strummed. In addition to this, however, the machine head is responsible for holding the string tight at the point of where it was tuned even through vigorous playing. Without quality machine heads, guitars can be tuned perfectly only to lose their tuning within minutes of play. If you’ve experienced this phenomena, check out any of the following stores online that carry replacement guitar tuner pegs:

  • George’s Music
  • Sam Ash
  • J & R Music and Computers
  • Guitar Center
  • Musician’s Friend

Though you may be inclined to get a replacement directly through your guitar manufacturer, know in advance that they will be more expensive for the same quality product as any third party manufacturer for guitar parts. Third party manufacturers can literally dedicate entire production lines exclusively to parts production. This makes the cost of the parts cheaper than when purchased through a guitar manufacturer who also has to produce the body of the guitar, the neck and all parts and components as well.

Getting Good Heads for Precise Tuning

Truly good quality heads will be able to be played harshly without loss of tone. Electric, acoustic or classical, there will always be a prompt for “fortississimo” every once in a while. Playing loudly and proudly is tough to do without great machine heads. Proper maintenance keeps heads in good shape but replacement every so often will keep your strings sounding perfectly tuning through their strumming.

Guitar Tuner Peg Pricing

Depending on the kind of guitar tuner peg kit you’re interested in, guitar tuner pegs can cost anywhere from forty to over one-hundred dollars. Cheaper sets are usually die-cast aluminum with a brass or other type of metal finish. They install quickly and they do the job. As the price gradually rises, quality increases. The major jump in price comes when dealing with custom guitar designs that require unique machine head configurations. Inline six guitar tuner pegs can run over a hundred dollars, easily. For a simple repair/ replacement job, opt for a brand that’s a little better than the low-end and less expensive than custom configurations like the inline six.

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