Guitar Bridge Pegs

As any other type of musical instrument, the guitar requires proper maintenance in order to function properly. Keeping the tuning pegs in great condition will assure you an easy tuning process. However, there are other essential parts of your instrument that need to be taken care of. Depending on how often you play your guitar, you may need to replace your strings every three to six months. In addition, you may need to replace your guitar bridge pegs, as well. Your guitar bridge is the opposite end of the headstock where your strings are attached. If this cracks a bit, then your strings won't be tightened.

When Your Bridge is Busted

If you happen to realize that your bridge is cracked, then you might have the chance to save it by gluing it back together. A lot of times, your guitar bridge pegs might not be completely busted, but rather loose and unstable. There are multiple factors that can affect your bridge, such as:

  • Busted plate
  • Unattached x-brace
  • Heat
  • Little glue

If your guitar bridge pegs are only loose and you notice that there is barely any glue, then you might get away with gluing it back together. Before you do this, make sure you remove the strings and let it sit for at least 24 hours before attaching them back on the bridge. However, if your bridge is completely busted, then you will need to remove it completely and install a new one.

Repair or DIY?

Replacing your guitar bridge pegs can be done on your own. The truth is most musicians take care of their own instruments, because they're afraid somebody else might damage them. The first thing that you ought to do is remove the strings; then, tap the bridge to see if it pops out on its own. Sometimes when the bridge is completely cracked, it might pop out by itself. If not, you can use a putty knife to remove it. Make sure the finish isn't uneven; if it is, sand it off prior to installing the new guitar bridge pegs. You will need to add glue and let it sit for an entire day before reinstalling the strings. If you don't feel confident, you can have a professional change your guitar bridge pegs for you. Be sure to watch the process so you can try it on your own.

Ensuring Your New Guitar Bridge Peg Will Be Perfect

In order to ensure your new guitar bridge peg is perfect, you will have to double check each step of the way. Perhaps the most important step is obtaining the right type of bridge. You can make sure to buy the right one by letting your provider know what is the make and model of your guitar. If you're going to take the matters in your own hands, be sure to have all the necessary tools at hand prior to the start of your project. After you glue the bridge, let it dry for 24 hours.

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