Guitar Strap Pegs

When playing either bass guitar or electric guitar, if you're going to play while standing, you need a good strap. Guitar straps are designed to lighten the weight of your guitar against your neck so you can groove, move and play unhindered. At the base of the guitar, the very bottom, there is a peg that screws into the wood body of the guitar. This is the strap peg: it allows the strap slit to fit tightly around it, supporting the weight of the instrument when braced around the neck. When these pieces become damaged or lost, there are options available.

When Strap Pegs Break or Fall Off

If you lose your strap peg or if in an accident, it was unceremoniously removed from the bottom of your guitar, there are replacements easily at hand. Don’t bother searching for strap pegs by the maker of your guitar – there are plenty of music supply outlets that will carry reputable parts manufacturer pieces including strap pegs. Some of those sites include but are not limited to:

  • J & R Music and Guitar
  • Guitar Center

D’Andrea makes the cheapest yet highest quality, consistently performing piece among strap pegs: the item code is EP2C and it’s as sturdy as it is simple to install.

Opportunity, Even in Loss…

If you’ve lost or damaged your strap peg and have been forced to play while sitting for proper tone, you need to get through this minor setback! At roughly five bucks, a strap peg is a quick fix for any guitar. If you’re inclined to pay more than that, go ahead: the old adage is, “you get what you pay for” and it’s usually true. More expensive options in strap pegs could be colored or shaped differently.

Upgrading Strap Pegs to Ensure Maximum Jammin’

If you’ve experienced your strap come undone throughout a performance at least once, you know the anguish of needing to take the time to readjust while your band mates are looking eagerly at you, expecting your part to shine through. A great way to prevent this tragedy from ever happening is by searching for strap pegs that have wider breadths around their lip. Another thing that sometimes happens is strap pegs come out as a result of faulty installation. If the strap peg is drilled, then redrilled into position, it could result in the piece being loose. Align your drill first and take it slow to ensure the proper angle. When you’re installing a new guitar strap peg, this will save you from losing the peg again because of a shoddy installation.

For animated guitar players on stage, there is a lot of movement and plenty of hazards that could clip a strap peg and tear it out. Remember while playing to be wary of your surroundings and that you’re swinging around a delicate piece of machinery. Even properly installed guitar strap pegs can come lose if subjected to enough dings and bumps over the course of a single tour.

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