Bass Guitar Tuning Pegs

Among the stringed instruments, the guitar is perhaps one of the most popular ones. However, in order to produce that low octave sound, you need to have a bass guitar on set. Throughout the last couple of decades, the bass has gained popularity among the different rock and punk bands. The modern bass resembles a regular electric guitar, but the neck happens to be longer. The majority of the basses come with four strings, but you will also find them with five or six strings. In order to tune your bass well, you will need to know how to manipulate the bass guitar tuning pegs.

Steady Rhythm, Steady Tone

When you walk into a music store, you will see the numerous basses and guitars ready for you try them out. The store is in charge of tuning them properly, so when the musicians try them, they can play tuned notes. But, in order to achieve that steady tone, you must be able of turning the bass guitar tuning pegs properly. Nowadays, you will find electronic tuners that will assist you in hitting the right key. However, every real musician needs to learn how to tune their bass guitar by ear. In order to practice, you can choose to watch other musicians tune their bass. This will help you train your ear, and you will develop the skill on how to turn the bass guitar tuning pegs. Soon enough, you will be slapping and popping a fine-tuned bass guitar!

The Importance of Quality Bass Machine Heads

When taking a quick look of your bass guitar, you will notice that the machine head is what holds the strings together. Therefore, if it happens to crack, your strings will be vulnerable to breaking. It’s important to keep a close look on your bass guitar tuning pegs, because without them you won’t have a fine-tuned bass. A good machine head will allow you to adjust the strings with no major problems. The majority of bass guitar tuning pegs are built on an angled machine head. Besides being a critical tool, the machine head is also considered a piece of decoration. Numerous bass guitar brands are known for having distinct machine heads. This helps them get known and noticed among the world of musicians.  

Customizing Your “Axe” – Tuning Pegs Tailored to Your Playing

After Gene Simmons busted out his axe bass on stage, countless bass players have had their own bass custom-made to resemble it. They are mostly popular in the rock scene and the bass guitar tuning pegs can be made of gold or nickel. Over the years, guitar players started to make their own axe instruments as well. They implemented the use of nickel-plated tuning pegs, which were later coated with long-lasting black paint. This was common in the manufacturing of bass guitar tuning pegs, as well. While the majority of music stores sell already made basses, the following stores offer custom-made instruments:

  • Skjold Design Guitars
  • Warmoth Custom Guitar
  • Spector Bass
  • U.S. Masters

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