Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pegs

The acoustic guitar has been around for hundreds of years. The way the strings vibrate and produce sound can be quite pleasurable, especially if they are tuned to perfection. This popular instrument was first invented somewhere in Europe, back in the 12th century. Eventually, it made its way to the American continent and the rest of the world. As time went by, musicians started reinventing the instrument by creating new types of guitars. Today, you will be able to find electric guitars. Nonetheless, all of them are in need of a set of acoustic guitar bridge pegs. These pegs are extremely important for the proper tuning of the instrument.

When Your Bridge Cracks

Guitars can break easily if you don't take proper care of them. One of the most common things to crack and break is the bridge. At times, all the acoustic guitar bridge pegs might come loose and end up cracking. This can happen after an abrupt change in the weather temperature. Once the bridge cracks, then you will rapidly end up with loose and busted strings. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean your guitar has become completely useless. There are ways to fix your broken acoustic guitar bridge pegs by repairing the entire bridge. One of the easiest ways to repair your instrument is by removing the strings, and checking the crack. If the crack is fairly small, then all of you have to do is glue it back together. You can help yourself by using a rubber band to keep the bridge from moving.

Installing a New Bridge

If you have tried to repair your broken acoustic guitar bridge pegs, but the glue isn't helping, then you will have to replace the entire bridge. This can be a lot more affordable than purchasing a brand new acoustic guitar. It's important that you're capable of removing the strings first; this will make things a lot easier. Make sure to loosen them enough so it's easier to pull them out without breaking them. If the old bridge is completely broken, then it might break off on its own. Before you place and install the new bridge, check if the finish on your acoustic guitar bridge peg isn't scratched. If it happens to be damaged, make sure to repair it by sanding the scratches away and then proceeding to glue the new bridge in.

Finding Bridge Pegs Online

Using the internet to find your acoustic guitar bridge pegs can be quite easy and fun. The first thing you need to take into consideration is the type of guitar you own. This will help you narrow down the options when sorting through the different acoustic guitar bridge pegs. The following are a few of the most common online websites:

  • Elderly Instruments
  • Strings and Beyond
  • Stewart Macdonald
  • Maury's Music

You may also take a peek around large sites such as Amazon and eBay. The advantage of eBay is that you have the opportunity to bid and win an item at a low price.

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