Guitar Tuning Pegs

If you're a guitar player and you've been noticeably out of tune more often than before, you may have a problem with your guitar tuning pegs. Commonly referred to as machineheads, these small knob-like devices on the headstock of your guitar are for changing the pitch of the string that is wound around them to either heighten or lower the "default" note of the string. They are essential pieces to the guitar as they keep the pitch of the string dead-on even through violent strumming and they are used to adjust the instrument when playing in dropped tunings. Depending on your playing style, you may want to get better guitar tuning pegs to "secure" your tone through heavy playing!

Customize Your Machineheads!

There are attributes about different styles of machineheads that players like and dislike respectively. Some heads are designed with the classical style in mind: larger tuning knobs allow for greater changes in pitch between revolutions when tuning. A well-greased gear system will ensure that your turns yield maximum pitch change. If you tend to strum in a rough manner, getting better machineheads could help maintain your pitch through your playing. They're designed to hold the string at the point that it was tuned without dropping in pitch. If you put your strings through too much abuse, pitch change is inevitable. Still, good machineheads will decrease the number of times you have to retune.

Tuning for Style, Tuning for Performance

If you like a certain style of guitar, say for instance, the classic Gibson, the best way to represent that style is by using parts from that model on your guitar! You can style your guitar in many fashions even if it isn't a brand name guitar. Adding little upgrades will effectively increase the performance of your instrument and give you a truly unique sound. Performance plays a factor as well. As stated: it is necessary for consistent pitch and easy tuning to have great machine heads. Regardless of why you're interested in getting them, quality machineheads are a great investment for a guitar. You'll save money on strings because the better quality heads won't be as abrasive to the them. You'll maintain a good mesh of sound with the rest of the band. You'd be surprised what six small sets of gears on the top of your guitar are capable of!

Deals on Guitar Tuning Pegs

Getting deals on guitar tuning pegs doesn't have to involve driving to the local music shop. If you check the following stores:

  • Musician's Friend
  • Guitar Center
  • Sam Ash
  • George's Music

They will have online catalogs for you to browse and purchase through. There are other third party manufacturers online that carry guitar parts: don't discount them because they're not brand name! Often third party manufacturers can provide a great discount because their factories make guitar parts in builk whereas guitar manufacturing companies must make the guitar parts, guitar body and the guitar neck all in one place. That drives the price up.

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