Guitar Tuning Pegs for Sale

If you're looking for either replacement or upgraded parts for your guitar including tuning pegs that are commonly referred to as machineheads, you need not look any further than a few sites online! Music supply companies have made the tech transition smoothly: there are entire databases filled with product details and prices of parts on major supplier's sites. Just a few of the major retailers working in music supply include:

  • Sam Ash
  • J & R Music and Computers
  • Musician's Friend
  • Guitar Center

At all of these above mentioned stores, you'll be able to find assorted guitar tuning pegs for sale varying by brand, design and performance.

Getting Great Heads for Your Guitar

The major differentiation between guitar heads is the action against the string and the interval between tone per revolution of turning the respective machinehead. If you're finding yourself constantly tuning as you play, you may be suffering from old and worn guitar heads. Try replacing them with upgraded or new stock parts. If your instrument retains tone like it never has before, you'll know it was a simple issue with the heads. If the guitar still is losing tone, at that point consider checking the pickups. A great reason to upgrade your guitar heads is when restoring older guitars. Older guitars that've been sitting for a long time will develop rusty heads that don't turn easily, even when re-greased. Replacement of the entire part is usually best.

What's the Difference in Quality Between Stock and Aftermarket Machineheads?

Guitar manufacturers produce high quality instruments with all of the best parts before they ship them out to be sold. Stock machineheads are in no way under the quality of third party or aftermarket produced machineheads. The major reason why people get new machineheads is because of problems with the old set. If the gears stop turning or if a tuning knob breaks off, replacement is often the cheapest and easiest route. Third party guitar head manufacturers make a profit by providing similar parts for guitars at significantly discounted prices. Whereas a guitar manufacturer will need to be able to produce the actual instrument as well as all parts, parts manufacturers only need to produce the small pieces of a guitar in mass quantities. This allows you to get cheap parts that are of comparable quality to the heads you've currently got installed on your instrument.

Investing Wisely In Performance Parts for Your Guitar

If you're going to invest in new machineheads for your guitar, guitar tuning pegs for sale vary in performance based on price. Higher priced machineheads will feature unique design for longevity of the product, minimum strain to the strings that will be held and maximum tautness when the string is tuned so you don't lose your pitch. Prices can range between thirty to eighty dollars for a set of guitar heads: sometimes even more if you need a specific kind of head. Investigate the shops online for exactly the right head that will improve your guitar's tone!

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