Electric Guitar Tuning Pegs

Contrary to what some people may think, electric guitars need tuning pegs just like regular acoustic guitars do. The truth is that they are both very similar; the most noticeable difference is the way they sound. Since electric guitars are plugged in to amplifiers, they have the capability of sounding a lot louder. Nonetheless, they still need to be tuned prior to being played. In order to do this, you must turn the electric guitar tuning pegs until you reach the desired key. You may also find assistance in electronic tuners, but the real musicians learn to tune their electric guitars the old way.

Tuning Heads and Quality Differences

A lot of times the electric guitar tuning pegs that come with your instrument might not be the best out there. If you aren't happy, you always have the option of trading in your guitar. However, if you don't want to get rid of it, you can choose to simply replace the tuning pegs. The main difference among the tuning pegs is the size and its strength. For example, if you compare a set of guitar pegs to a set of bass pegs, the bass pegs will be considerably larger. Therefore, a bass peg won't do any good in a guitar and vice versa. When it comes to different electric guitar tuning pegs, you will find different styles of machine heads, such as:

  • Fender style
  • Gibson style
  • Grover style
  • Music man style

Personalized Guitar Tuning Heads

When searching for electric guitar tuning pegs, you will find that they can come in different styles. Musicians that play in the folk and jazz scene usually prefer gold-plated tuning pegs, whereas those that play in the rock scene tend to choose nickel-plated and black plastic tuning pegs. If you prefer to have the entire machine head customized, you can reach out to the different manufacturers that offer this service. Keep in mind that large music stores, such as Guitar Center, don't provide custom guitars. The advantage of having custom electronic guitar tuning pegs is the fact that they will make your instrument one of a kind. Also, you will be certain that the pegs will fit your guitar with no problems. Some musicians prefer to buy their tuning pegs individually on bidding sites – such as eBay – and later they visit their local music store for installation.

Replacing or Upgrading Your Tuning Pegs

Finding the appropriate electric guitar tuning pegs doesn't have to be a chore. Nowadays, it's quite easy to find numerous stores on the web that offer a plethora of musical parts and accessories. Stores such as Elderly Instruments offers free shipping on orders that are over $49, and they also have a toll-free number where you can call for advice. If you're looking for custom electric guitar tuning pegs, you may contact well-known stores, such as Halo Guitars. Every week they have special offers that are available only for online shoppers; make sure to request an estimate prior to paying any money.

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